2016 Vivian Chen, $500, Northeastern University

2015 Jacob Tyles, $2,000, Princeton University

2014 Amy Ho, $1,000, Rutgers University


Student must be a senior in high school and accepted to a university, college, or conservatory as a music major

Student must have participated at least 3 years in all of the following TYMA sponsored activities:

  • TYMA Auditions
  • TYMA Student Recitals
  • Russian Music Festival

The amount of the scholarship will be between $500- $1000

* To be determined by the Board *

The money will be sent directly to the college


We thank everyone who already made contributions to TYMA!

We hope you will encourage your students to apply and that you will be generous in your contributions
so that we can continue to help as many students as possible. You may make a contribution as a tribute
In Memoriam by contributing to a scholarship fund
Contributions are fully tax deductible

TYMA Scholarship

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